Emboldened by Trump but Divided by Generations, Democrats Look to 2020

A vast array of Democratic leaders, divided by generations but uniformly emboldened by President Trump’s perceived vulnerability, have begun taking palpable steps toward seeking the White House in an election that is still three and a half years away. … In a largely leaderless party, two distinct groups are emerging, […] Read more »

Fox News Poll: President Trump’s first 100 days getting mixed reviews

A Fox News Poll taken as the Trump administration nears its 100-day milestone gives mixed messages to the president. President Trump’s job ratings are underwater by three percentage points. Currently 45 percent approve of the job he’s doing. That’s down slightly from the 48 percent approval he received when he […] Read more »

The Case for ‘Normal’ Elections Under a President Donald Trump

What might the next few election cycles look like? There’s a tendency right now to think that the political system in the United States has gone off the rails into some uncharted territory. But there’s good reason to believe that the same rules that have governed it in the past […] Read more »