Democrats think 2018 will be a good year, but are they realistic about their own problems?

Thanks mostly to President Trump, Democrats believe they are poised for good things in 2018: the possibility of taking control of the House and gains elsewhere in the midterm elections. But planning victory laps would be premature. Whatever their prospects for the fall campaigns, the Democrats are still in need […] Read more »

7 in 10 Americans say sexual harassment is a very serious problem

Americans view sexual harassment far more seriously than they did two decades ago, a new CNN Poll Conducted by SSRS shows. Nearly seven in ten Americans say sexual harassment is a very serious problem, according to the poll, a 34-point shift from a CNN/Time poll conducted in 1998. CONT. Juana […] Read more »

Emerging GOP Divisions on President Trump Loom Over 2018 and 2020 Elections

The eighth annual American Values Survey from the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), released this morning at an event with The Brookings Institution, finds fractures in the Republican Party over the Trump Presidency. Approximately one in three Republicans surveyed (31 percent) say they would prefer the 2020 Republican nominee be […] Read more »

The Democratic Civil War Is Getting Nasty, Even if No One Is Paying Attention

… It can be difficult, if not impossible, in Washington these days to pay attention to the Democrats’ war within while what appears to be the full-fledged implosion of the Republican Party unfolds. … So perhaps it’s no surprise that the brewing fight over the Democratic Party’s future gets so […] Read more »

The country hates the GOP Congress: Why don’t Democrats have a knock-out lead?

About 9 months into his presidency, Donald Trump has settled into a historically weak job approval of 41 percent, well below his presidential vote, and with the strong disapproval over 45 percent of voters. He remains an unrepentant divider which pervades all political discourse. Yet the most hated politicians are […] Read more »