The other polls in the Virginia race

Tuesday was a great day for Ed Gillespie. Two new polls showed the Republican closing the gap for governor. Tuesday was a great day for Ralph Northam. One new poll showed the Democrat comfortably ahead for governor. … In the aggregate — that is, polling conducted since the parties settled […] Read more »

The first real electoral test of the Donald Trump era is on the horizon

For all of the attention to this year’s House of Representatives special elections, November’s gubernatorial races in New Jersey and especially Virginia will likely offer a more revealing measure of how Donald Trump’s presidency is reconfiguring the political landscape. … With his bristling nationalist message and repeated gestures toward white […] Read more »

What Happened to Mountain Republicans in the South?

Even when Democrats dominated the so-called Solid South, the GOP showed strength in mountain areas of the region. Northwestern Arkansas, eastern Tennessee, western North Carolina and western Virginia all had substantial Republican sympathies. But now that the national Republican Party has transitioned from the Party of Lincoln to the party […] Read more »

Most Americans think Trump is ripping the country apart. His Charlottesville response shows how.

There’s one number from Fox News’s new national poll that, justifiably, has dominated people’s attention. Asked if President Trump is drawing Americans together or tearing the country apart, more than half — 56 percent — choose the latter option. … This wasn’t what was supposed to happen, to hear Trump […] Read more »

Pro-Russian Bots Take Up the Right-Wing Cause After Charlottesville

… The same social media networks that spread Russian propaganda during the 2016 election have been busily amplifying right-wing extremism surrounding the recent violence in Charlottesville, according to researchers who monitor the activity. It’s impossible to tell how much of the traffic originates from Russia or from mercenary sources. But […] Read more »