Can the Democratic Party rise again? Yes — and here’s the first big thing to watch.

If you care about whether the Democratic Party can rebuild itself anytime soon out of the smoking wreckage left behind by the disastrous 2016 elections, something very important is happening a lot sooner than you think. There are more than three dozen gubernatorial races taking place in the next two […] Read more »

How A Trump Debacle Could Affect The House And State Legislatures

Republicans are worried that Donald Trump, losing badly to Hillary Clinton, is dragging down the party’s candidates for Congress and state legislatures with him. Sens. Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire, Richard Burr in North Carolina and Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania — once considered favorites for re-election — are now in […] Read more »

How Low Can the G.O.P. Go?

As Donald Trump’s campaign continues to spiral, a crucial question arises: How much collateral damage could he inflict on the Republican Party? If recent patterns in straight-ticket voting hold and Trump’s campaign continues to falter, Trump could carry a host of Republican down-ballot candidates with him to defeat. CONT. Thomas […] Read more »

Stands on social issues tear at the two main conservative bases

The ideological rifts breaking apart the Republican Party have moved into the states, where business leaders and evangelicals who have long coexisted in the GOP are suddenly at war over social issues such as gay rights and religious freedom. … Rather than unifying around a message and strategy to win […] Read more »

These political scientists may have just discovered why U.S. politics are a disaster

… Working with political scientist Boris Shor and economist John Voorheis, [Nolan] McCarty has released a new study that shows that the growing ideological gap between the Republican and Democratic parties — a common obstacle to getting anything done in Washington — is not just due to politicians’ incompetence or […] Read more »

Urban Resurgence Is A Double-Edged Sword For Democrats

For the first time in the post-World War II era, cities are growing at about the same rate as their suburbs, which for decades grew at a much faster clip. That’s good news for Democrats (especially Hillary Clinton) nationally: Their party’s recent Electoral College victories have been fueled by huge […] Read more »