Tales and takeaways from 28 years of covering the Wisconsin Primary

Welcome to the most important Wisconsin presidential primary since Kennedy beat Humphrey — and maybe the wildest ever. I’ve only covered the last eight. This is one is in a league of its own, but there are threads that connect it to the past. CONT. Craig Gilbert, Journal Sentinel Read more »

Surprises Almost Certain in Iowa and New Hampshire

The voters of Iowa and New Hampshire jealously guard their first-in-the-nation franchise in the presidential nomination process, and they view themselves as the public’s screening committees for White House wannabes. … In 2016 it will be a shock if Iowa and/or New Hampshire don’t rearrange the presidential playing field. After […] Read more »

Are Primary Polls Finally Predictive? No, but This Is When the Fun Starts

You have undoubtedly heard that primary polls aren’t necessarily very predictive far from an election. With just a month to go until the Iowa caucuses, I’m writing to tell you that … it’s still true. Yes, even with that little time left until Iowa, the first contest of the 2016 […] Read more »

As Trump and Sanders rise, the two major parties fall

Does the 2016 presidential campaign seem chaotic? For good or ill, that’s because it is. The rise of Donald Trump on the right and Bernie Sanders on the left is proof that the country’s two major political parties have lost their grip on the nominating process. They can still provide […] Read more »

Here’s why Donald Trump won’t win the Republican presidential nomination

Donald Trump’s authoritative lead in early polling in the 2016 Republican race for the presidential nomination has left Americans excited, confused and afraid. Trump hasn’t been out of first place in national polling since he filed as a candidate with the Federal Election Commission in mid-July. Most polls have him […] Read more »

What Howard Dean’s top political mind thinks of Bernie Sanders

Joe Trippi was the mastermind behind the rise of former Gov. Howard Dean in the 2004 Democratic presidential primary fight. Dean’s candidacy — premised on representing the “Democratic wing of the Democratic party” — stoked massive grassroots energy and took the party establishment by storm. Sound familiar? I reached out […] Read more »

The Mystery of the Missing Evangelicals

Republicans haven’t won the presidency for two cycles now — and, for many party faithful, a perceived lack of support among evangelical voters is to blame. … The missing evangelical vote has been cited as a key factor by 2016 GOP hopefuls such as Sen. Ted Cruz and former tech […] Read more »