As Washington debates taxes, some Republicans keep focus on partisan issues loved by their base

As his Monday night town hall meeting wrapped up, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) called on a veteran who had a question about benefits and praise for the congressman’s work. “I’d like to congratulate you and Rep. [Jim] Jordan on bringing the Clinton Foundation up for possible prosecution or investigation,” Dan Smith said. …

While Republican leaders have made passing a tax bill their top priority, arguing that it is crucial to the party’s electoral future, voters, particularly President Trump’s most ardent supporters, have been somewhat disengaged and have exhibited only some of the enthusiasm for the effort that they did for the long Affordable Care Act battle this summer.

Driving more interest, from town halls to prime-time cable news, are familiar political battles with a partisan edge. The push for another Clinton investigation has been the most reliable, resurfacing in meetings of the House Judiciary Committee and dominating Fox News. CONT.

David Weigel, Washington Post