Raw emotions persist as Donald Trump prepares for his presidency

… In the immediate aftermath of President-elect Donald Trump’s surprise victory over former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, all the leading players said the right things. Trump called for healing and said that he would try to bring the country together. Clinton asked her supporters to give the newly elected president the space and opportunity to govern. President Obama, despite harsh words for Trump through the campaign, said that he would assure an orderly transfer of power in the spirit of reconciliation.

But everyone knew or should have known that the wounds from an election that was as raw and divisive and negative as campaign 2016 would not be quickly healed. That especially includes those who were the principal antagonists, the people who ran the campaigns during the general election. At Harvard’s IOP, it all gushed forth, creating perhaps the most contentious session that this series of conferences, which began in 1972, had ever seen. CONT.

Dan Balz, Washington Post