So Far, More of the Public Attribute Negative Rather Than Positive Consequences to the ACA

The Latest Kaiser Health Tracking Poll finds a 13 percentage point rebound in support for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) among Democrats this month, but no overall movement in support or opposition to the ACA since the November poll found a negative shift in views following the problem-plagued rollout of the law. …

Americans are divided on what they would like Congress to do next with the law, with about four in ten wanting the law to be expanded or kept as is and a similar share wanting to see it repealed (either being replaced with a Republican alternative or repealed and not replaced).

This month’s survey also highlights some of the problems the uninsured continue to experience in accessing and paying for health care; for example, the uninsured are about twice as likely as those with insurance to report problems paying medical bills, and four times as likely to say they had trouble getting medical care in the past year. CONT.

Kaiser Family Foundation