A Closer Look at Self-Insured Voters and their Impact on 2014

In recent weeks, more than four million individuals and families who rely on the individual marketplace for health insurance received notices that their health insurance plans will no longer be available due to new requirements stemming from Obamacare. While the negative impact of Obamacare reaches beyond a single group, many of those who self-insure find themselves with an unwanted front row seat as the law moves from a Washington abstraction to a kitchen table reality.

Given the unfavorable wave of news coverage, it’s worthwhile to take a closer look at who self-insured voters are and what influence they might have in 2014. We reviewed data from surveys in 2009 and 2012 to learn about this group, both at the beginning of the Obamacare debate and in the middle of the presidential election. As a result, this analysis does not reflect any shifts attributed to the government shutdown or the sub-par Obamacare launch. CONT.

Luke Frans, Resurgent Republic