Utah: Senator Mike Lee and the Shutdown

Senator Mike Lee has received considerable attention nationally, within Utah, and even among his fellow U.S. Senators for his role with Senator Ted Cruz in executing a strategy to defund the Affordable Care Act (widely known as Obamacare). …

First of all, 57% of Utahns overall would like Senator Lee to be “more willing to compromise” versus 43% who prefer that he “stand by his principles.” That result is not possible in Republican-dominated Utah without at least some Republicans preferring compromise. In fact, 38% of all self-identified Republicans prefer that Lee compromise compared to 99% of all Democrats. Independents side heavily with compromise at 65%.

A look at this question by active support for the Tea Party support yields absolutely stunning conclusions. Among the 13% of respondents who identify as active Tea Party supporters, 90% say that Lee should stick to his principles and not compromise. Among those who say they are not active supporters (74% of the sample), 73% say he should compromise. [cont.]

Quin Monson (BYU), Utah Data Points