A Possible Path To Immigration Reform In The House

Although many have declared the prospect for immigration reform in the House DOA, one high-profile Republican organization, the American Action Network (AAN), sees a pathway – albeit a narrow one – for success. The key is to meet House members and GOP primary voters where they are, instead of trying to push them to where many think they should be. In other words, stop lecturing House members on demographic “death spirals” and doomed 2016 elections, and start focusing on a buy-in that addresses their specific concerns. …

To help “educate” House Republicans, AAN commissioned a national poll which has been distributed to House leadership. … Conducted by the Tarrance Group (June 24-27 of 1,000 likely GOP primary voters) the poll purposely omitted blue states like Connecticut, New Jersey, Vermont, Washington, and New York. The goal isn’t to create the “perfect” sample of GOP voters, but an attempt to show conservative House members that they understand the kind of audience those members need to win over – namely red state conservatives that vote in GOP primaries. [cont.]

Amy Walter, Cook Political Report