Backwards and in High Heels: Women Report Little Change in Workplace Challenge

Women are now more likely than men to attend and graduate from college, to perform better academically, and to attain an advanced degree. A majority of those in management and professional careers are now women, according to the Department of Labor (up from one-third in 1985).

Yet, the latest NBC Wall Street Journal poll, co-conducted by POS founding partner Bill McInturff and Democratic pollster Peter Hart, shows a stubborn lack of change in perception of the challenges women feel they face. In 2000, 44 percent of women said they had “personally experienced discrimination” because they are a woman. Thirteen years later? Just as many women – 46 percent – report being discriminated against, with a significant increase indicating that discrimination took place in the workplace (26 percent in 2000, 35 percent today): [cont.]

Lori Weigel, Public Opinion Strategies