Polarization in state voter confidence

… Lots of people make claims about voter confidence, particularly what causes it to go up or down, oftentimes tying these claims to support for some type of election reform. In fact, the literature on voter confidence suggests that very little in the way of election reform can move voter […] Read more »

Trump’s crisis of legitimacy

… Politicians can and do change their minds. The view from Air Force One differs from the panorama visible on the campaign plane. But democracy requires some important correlation between words uttered on the campaign trail and actions taken in the Oval Office. Without such linkage, elections are a farce. […] Read more »

Why populism is a threat to electoral integrity

Since the earthquake of Brexit in June last year, and Trump’s victory four months later, the news has been dominated by stories about populism, including whether European elections suggest that populist support is either rising or stalled. The media has also been fascinated simultaneously by problems of electoral integrity. This […] Read more »

60 Minutes/Vanity Fair Poll: The news media

Welcome to the 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll for May 2017. There will always be muckrakers, they’ve been around since Adams vs. Jefferson in 1796 and there are plenty at play today. In simpler times, reporters turned a blind eye to things like FDR’s polio and JFK’s dalliances but that ship […] Read more »

Public Trust in Government Remains Near Historic Lows as Partisan Attitudes Shift

The 2016 election ushered in a new era in Washington defined by unified Republican control of the White House and both chambers of Congress. The changes in the dynamics of power in Washington have registered with members of both political parties. Somewhat more Republicans express trust in government today than […] Read more »