In Alabama, no good outcomes for the Republican Party

Every competitive special election draws outsized attention, but few deserve it more than Tuesday’s Senate contest in Alabama. No matter the outcome, the results will reverberate loudly across the country — and nowhere more than inside the Republican Party. … For Republicans, there likely can be no truly good outcome. […] Read more »

How Roy Moore Survives

In a curious way, the sex-abuse allegations against Roy Moore, the Alabama Republican Senate candidate, may actually be helping his campaign. The continuing conundrum for his Democratic opponent, Doug Jones, is that nowhere near enough Alabamians believe the allegations. Indeed, a noticeable backlash has hyper-energized Mr. Moore’s volunteers and a […] Read more »

Women and men in both parties say sexual harassment allegations reflect ‘widespread problems in society’

By a wide margin, the U.S. public views recent reports of sexual harassment and assault as more reflective of widespread problems in society rather than acts of individual misconduct. Majorities across all demographic and partisan groups – including men and women in both parties – hold this view. CONT. Baxter […] Read more »

Stark Partisan Divisions Over Russia Probe, Including Its Importance to the Nation

A majority of Americans say they think senior members of Donald Trump’s administration definitely or probably had improper contacts with Russia during last year’s presidential campaign. And most are at least somewhat confident that special counsel Robert Mueller will conduct a fair investigation into the matter. CONT. Pew Read more »

These are the women who could elect Roy Moore

If Republican Roy Moore wins next week’s Senate special election in Alabama, it will be largely because of his support among women. More specifically, Moore’s ability to survive the allegations of sexually pursuing young girls, which have rocked his campaign, will likely turn on whether he can maintain his pre-scandal […] Read more »