Poll Hub: Census and Sensibility

Unlike his predecessors, President Donald Trump has tied his job performance to that of the stock market. With the Dow Jones plummeting at the beginning of the week, what does this mean for the president? Do Americans attribute the market’s ups and downs to him? Poll Hub breaks it down. […] Read more »

Despite NFL’s Woes, Football Remains America’s Most Dominant Sport

Despite concerns over player safety, player protests, and declining ratings, PRRI’s annual survey of sports and society finds that football remains Americans’ favorite sport to watch. The survey also examines Americans’ attitudes towards athletics issues from youth sports to professional leagues, including participation of transgender athletes in high school sports. […] Read more »

Americans show strong support for home Olympics

While Bostonians are hesitant to host the Olympics, Americans across the country overwhelmingly support the idea of the games on home turf, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll. The support decreases when people are asked if they would want the Olympics in their local area. CONT. Eddie Pells & […] Read more »