Views on Power and Influence in Washington

Most Americans say they have too little power in Washington these days, according to a new survey by The AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Three in 4 Americans say they have too little influence in Washington and 76 percent say poor people have too little influence. Majorities say that […] Read more »

Behind Trump’s win in rural white America: Women joined men in backing him

In rural parts of America, it wasn’t just white men who flocked to the polls on Election Day to vote for Donald Trump. Rural white women were right there in the voting lines with them. The NBC News national exit poll documented how Trump and his populist message disproportionately appealed […] Read more »

Views on Race and Gender Mark Stark Divide Between Clinton, Trump Supporters

The conflict between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump over racial and gender issues in Monday’s debate reflects a deep divide in voter attitudes: views on the influence of men, women and racial groups in society are closely related to vote preferences. The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, mainly released Sunday, […] Read more »

Can Hillary Clinton Keep You Safe?

… The conventional wisdom among political scientists and pollsters has long held that voters drew on traditional gender roles in deciding whom to trust on what issue, said Marianne Cooper, a sociologist at Stanford’s Clayman Institute for Gender Research. Men, with their claims to strength and aggression, traditionally scored better […] Read more »