The Trumpification of Ed Gillespie

It would be hard to find a better example of the “corrupt Washington establishment” that President Trump calls “the swamp” than Ed Gillespie. The Republican nominee in Virginia’s gubernatorial election, Gillespie is an insider’s insider, a founder of Quinn Gillespie and Associates, one of the most successful lobbying firms in […] Read more »

Americans feel tax reform plans would favor wealthy

The latest CBS News Nation Tracker finds that most Americans continue to call for deals and cooperation in the back-and-forth between the president and Congress. And that includes many of the president’s strongest backers and most Republicans. Some even want to see Congress assert itself more. Most do not want […] Read more »

Views on Power and Influence in Washington

Most Americans say they have too little power in Washington these days, according to a new survey by The AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Three in 4 Americans say they have too little influence in Washington and 76 percent say poor people have too little influence. Majorities say that […] Read more »

Republicans Rejected Elite Agenda Along With Rubio

Marco Rubio’s crushing defeat Tuesday night in his home state of Florida not only smashed his presidential campaign, it also represented a revolt against the policy agenda of Republican elites and donors on which Rubio’s platform was modeled. CONT. Sahil Kapur, Bloomberg Politics Read more »