Partisan Identification Is ‘Sticky,’ but About 10% Switched Parties Over the Past Year

Those who study politics have long known that a person’s party affiliation is a strong predictor of how they will vote and what their opinions will be on most political issues. Some of the power of partisanship comes from its relative immutability: Most people remain loyal to a political party. […] Read more »

Taking Trump’s Temperature Amongst His Supporters (and Opponents), Part 2

Last week, we released the results of a national poll of voters who said they supported President Donald Trump in the 2016 election, as well as focus groups of mostly Trump voters (but also some voters who either supported Hillary Clinton or voted third party last year). We found that […] Read more »

‘What the hell is he doing on Twitter and watching cable TV all the time?’: Eight independents talk Trump

President Trump’s low approval ratings are unprecedented for a president in his first month in office. So what, exactly, don’t people like? To find out we talked with eight political independents about their reasons for disapproving of Trump so early in his term and asked them whether they’re holding out […] Read more »