Firmly outside the norm for consolidated democracies

Our survey results between December 2017 and January 2018 demonstrate mixed results, with some threat ratings improving and others worsening. From November to January, ratings improved on all six dimensions of democratic performance, reversing the deterioration from October to November. However, democracy experts still see American political behavior in 2017-18 […] Read more »

Conservative-Leaning States Drop From 44 to 39

While all 50 states were right-leaning as recently as 2010, the number of net-conservative states was 44 in 2016 and dropped to 39 in 2017, with Rhode Island, California, Oregon, Maryland and Washington all scoring as net-liberal for the first time. CONT. Lydia Saad, Gallup Read more »

Nunes’ real revelation: Trump is changing the GOP, not the other way around

The real message of the memo released last week by Rep. Devin Nunes assailing the FBI and Department of Justice is that Donald Trump is changing the Republican Party far more than it is changing him. The memo from Nunes, chair of the House Intelligence Committee, failed to deliver revelations […] Read more »

Why don’t Trump voters feel betrayed? Because they’re getting what they wanted.

Why doesn’t President Trump’s base feel betrayed yet, as so many observers think it should? Pundits have argued that they would feel alienated by his State of the Union address, his firing of Stephen K. Bannon and his trip to Davos to mingle with the global elite. Our research suggests […] Read more »

The Stunning ‘Role of Government’ Numbers

While most people seem fascinated by shifts in presidential job approval and national ballot tests, I’ve always thought that the “role of government” question asked in the NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey doesn’t get the attention it deserves. The responses to that question offer interesting insights into how voters see […] Read more »

Why Is Hollywood So Liberal?

… Polling data on actors’ political views are hard to come by. But there’s evidence beyond award-show behavior and Instagram feeds to suggest that the stereotype of the liberal actor squares with reality. … Three explanations for Hollywood’s liberalism are worth considering. The first focuses on social characteristics that actors […] Read more »

Are White Evangelicals Sacrificing The Future In Search Of The Past?

In 2016, white evangelical Protestants strongly supported Donald Trump, a septuagenarian candidate who promised to make America great again, to bring back “Merry Christmas” and to protect, cherish and defend America’s Christian heritage. White evangelicals have consistently told pollsters that life in the U.S. has gotten worse since the 1950s. […] Read more »