Emboldened by Trump but Divided by Generations, Democrats Look to 2020

A vast array of Democratic leaders, divided by generations but uniformly emboldened by President Trump’s perceived vulnerability, have begun taking palpable steps toward seeking the White House in an election that is still three and a half years away. … In a largely leaderless party, two distinct groups are emerging, […] Read more »

Cuomo, Warren, O’Malley Still Unknown to Many Democrats

Out of a field of five potential 2016 presidential candidates, only Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are viewed favorably by a majority of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents. The other possible contenders are less well-known to Democrats. In fact, nearly seven in 10 Democrats say they have never heard of Maryland […] Read more »

Clinton Is Best Known, Best Liked Potential 2016 Candidate

Hillary Clinton is currently the best known and best liked of 16 potential 2016 presidential candidates tested in a July 7-10 Gallup poll, due to her 91% familiarity score and +19 net favorable rating. The net favorable is based on her 55% favorable and 36% unfavorable ratings. CONT. Jeffrey M. […] Read more »

Wide-Open Race in 2016 Offers Ocean of Possibilities

It’s hard to remember interest in a presidential election beginning to build so early. Wide-open presidential contests—that is, those without an incumbent seeking reelection—aren’t that infrequent; they’ve occurred a total of six times in the post-World War II period, four of those in the past 50 years. However, all the […] Read more »