U.S. Muslims Concerned About Their Place in Society, but Continue to Believe in the American Dream

The early days of Donald Trump’s presidency have been an anxious time for many Muslim Americans, according to a new Pew Research Center survey. Overall, Muslims in the United States perceive a lot of discrimination against their religious group, are leery of Trump and think their fellow Americans do not […] Read more »

​​​​​​The American Identity: Points of Pride, Conflicting Views, and a Distinct Culture

In the wake of President Donald Trump’s executive order last month on immigration and refugees, Americans are supportive of the country’s diversity and generally favorable toward immigration. However, according to a recent poll conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for​ Public Affairs Research, Americans are less favorable toward refugees and […] Read more »

Is the U.S. Ready for Post-Middle-Class Politics?

On April 12 last year, Hillary Clinton formally announced her run for the presidency by posting a two-­minute video on YouTube. For the first minute and a half, Clinton was nowhere to be seen. … When the candidate materialized, she instead said this: “Everyday Americans need a champion — and […] Read more »

American Dream Still Alive, But …

According to an Exclusive Point Taken-Marist Poll, despite an optimistic view about the viability of the American Dream, a majority of U.S. residents believe the American middle class is just a vestige of the past. Most adults nationally think the American Dream is attainable for themselves, 69%, and, although fewer, […] Read more »

Five Tables That Explain Rise of Trump and Durability of Anti-Establishment Message

To understand why a majority of GOP voters are currently supporting candidates who espouse a populist-heavy, anti-establishment message, you need to look no further than the data laid out below. This is a GOP electorate that is decidedly pessimistic, suspicious of social/cultural change and resistant to compromise. CONT. Amy Walter, […] Read more »

Does the American Dream mean anything anymore? More young people are saying no.

Do you think about your life in terms of the American Dream? A white picket fence? The 2.5 children? The kind of upward mobility that isn’t ostentatious—never!—but still pays for nice enough vacations and new iPhones? For a growing number of young people, the answer is no. In 1986, 67% […] Read more »