The 7 Governorships Republicans Could Pick Up This Year

Democrats have a great chance at picking up gubernatorial seats in November — but that doesn’t mean they won’t need to defend a few of their own.

Last week, we showed why polls of governors races released so far should be taken with a grain of salt. This early in the campaign, a qualitative assessment — based on things like base partisanship, candidate quality and, yes, the consensus of polls — provides the most honest read of each race. By this method, roughly 25 of the 36 governors races on the 2018 ballot rate as potentially competitive, based on a consensus of ratings from nonpartisan handicappers The Cook Political Report, Sabato’s Crystal Ball and Inside Elections. Today, we’ll run through the 10 states with Democratic and independent incumbents. CONT.

Nathaniel Rakich, FiveThirtyEight