Blast From the Past: The Current Political World Mirrors 2009

The party not occupying the White House seizes control of governor’s offices in New Jersey and Virginia. An unexpectedly competitive special Senate election threatens the chamber’s balance of power. Major legislation being forced through along partisan lines heads for a climactic holiday-season vote. Veteran lawmakers of the governing party race for the exits.

Such was the state of play at this moment in 2009 when President Barack Obama and Democrats ruled the roost. Such is the virtually parallel political landscape now with President Trump and Republicans in charge: Substitute Doug Jones of Alabama, a Democrat, for Scott Brown of Massachusetts, a Republican, and switch the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act with the Affordable Care Act.

It ended badly back then for Democrats, who lost the House in the 2010 midterm elections and suffered setbacks in the Senate, severely limiting Mr. Obama’s ability to pursue his agenda during his remaining six years in office.

History is already repeating itself. And the striking comparisons are not lost on either Democrats or Republicans. CONT.

Carl Hulse, New York Times