The Silencing of Hillary Clinton

Once again, Hillary Clinton is offering some opinions, and, once again, she is being told to keep quiet. This is a familiar pattern for us, no less for her, so perhaps it shouldn’t be so surprising to see it recur. But I’d like to push back a bit on this one. …

Does her book add fuel to intra-party fights? Undoubtedly. And there’s a great time for a party to try to squelch dissent within its ranks. That’s in the few months leading up to a general election. We’re nowhere near there. We’re more than a year from the congressional mid-term elections and more than three years from the next presidential general election. Now is precisely when a party argues over its differences. If you don’t think now is the time for Democrats to debate how their party runs and what it should stand for, then you basically think there’s never such a time. CONT.

Seth Masket, Pacific Standard