President Trump is living up to his critics’ worst predictions, but Democrats remain in need of a winning message

Over six months into a turbulent Presidency, and Donald Trump has become an even more profound force for division and polarization than many thought possible. In this sense, he is living up to his critics’ worst predictions, driving a deep wedge between his political party and the rest of the country, while remaining capable of provoking fresh waves of shock and dismay from even the most jaded observers.

With a 24-hour news cycle defined by credible allegations of criminal—and potentially treasonous—misconduct, internal White House chaos, and an abject failure to achieve any major legislative accomplishments despite unified GOP control in Washington, voters are becoming increasingly alarmed about the direction of the country under Trump’s stewardship. Beyond disliking and distrusting the President, voters also strongly disapprove of Congress, and are mixed in their feelings toward their own member of Congress in this political environment.

Still, Trump’s missteps have not translated to unambiguous gains for the opposition party. CONT. – pdf

Celinda Lake, Daniel Gotoff, Gary Ritterstein, Corey Teter & Olivia Myszkowski, Lake Research Partners