Voters unaware of President Obama’s tax cuts

President Obama, on a recent campaign trip through the crucial swing state of Virginia, recited an assertion he made again during Wednesday’s debate: that he has cut taxes for the typical American family by $3,600.

That is news to many voters — among them Don Woodson, a landscaper loading cases of soda into the back of a sport utility vehicle outside Costco last week. …

Like many Americans who are not tuned in to the details of tax policy and the endless Washington budget wrangling, the Woodsons were unaware of the income and payroll tax cuts Obama pushed through Congress that were designed to put extra cash in everyday Americans’ pockets and boost the economy. As a result, Obama is getting little credit for it, despite his statements on the stump.

Politically, it’s almost as if the tax cuts never happened. [cont.]

Christopher Rowland, Boston Globe