Americans Still See Manufacturing as Key to Job Creation

“Keeping manufacturing jobs from going overseas” is the top recommendation Americans give as the best way to create more jobs in the U.S. Many also suggest reducing government regulation, lowering taxes, creating more infrastructure work and improving education. CONT. Frank Newport & Andrew Dugan, Gallup Read more »

Americans Widely Support Paid Family and Medical Leave, but Differ Over Specific Policies

A growing share of working parents and an aging population have put pressure on more American workers as they balance family caregiving responsibilities and work obligations. Amid these changes, the issue of paid family and medical leave has captured the attention of policymakers and advocates across the political and ideological […] Read more »

60 Minutes/Vanity Fair Poll: The Modern Workplace

… This month’s poll explores the Modern Workplace, an area that is changing and evolving rapidly. As more and more tech-savvy young workers join our knowledge-based economy, they are demanding more flexibility, a better life/work balance and a variety of perks such as free food, game rooms, paid-parental leave and […] Read more »

The shell-shocked white working class

The problems bothering white Americans without a college degree have less to do with immediate economic insecurity or material hardship, although those are widespread, than with the collapse of a whole way of life. … The rise and fall of stability in working-class life explains much that otherwise seems puzzling […] Read more »

Are they blue?

One of the major themes of election reporting in this campaign has involved “blue-collar” or “working class” support for Donald Trump. But few surveys ask people about their occupations today, so usually journalists treat class as equivalent to education. … Of course, education is associated with occupation, but how strong […] Read more »