Concerns About Water Pollution Edge Up

After declining last year, Americans’ worries about several environmental issues ticked upward in 2016, and are now mostly back to 2014 levels. A majority express “a great deal” of concern about polluted drinking water (61%) and the pollution of rivers, lakes and reservoirs (56%). These increases come as details surrounding […] Read more »

Public Split On What to Do About the Health Care System

The latest Kaiser Health Tracking Poll finds the public as divided as the remaining presidential candidates over their vision for the future of the nation’s health care system. When asked to choose among four broad approaches for changing the health care system currently being discussed, the largest share (36%) say […] Read more »

Californians Open To Sacrifice When It Comes To Addressing The Drought

As California copes with its four-year drought, a new Hoover Institution survey shows that the Golden State’s electorate is amenable—across ideological and regional divides–to continued water conservation and sharing groundwater resources with neighboring communities. … The Hoover Institution’s Golden State Poll, administered by the survey research firm YouGov and designed […] Read more »