Will Trump voters turn out for an election with no Trump? The answer could determine control of Congress

Dan Karr had little use for politics until Donald Trump came along. He captivated the small business owner with his wrecking-ball candidacy and Karr has grown even more supportive since Trump became president. “He’s actually doing what he said he would do, which is unusual,” the rangy 57-year-old marveled. Things […] Read more »

Voters just raised a massive red flag for the GOP’s agenda

The sweeping election rebuke for President Donald Trump and his party has increased the chances of failure for the Republican agenda on Capitol Hill. In political terms, Tuesday’s off-year elections gave landmark victories to Democrats from Virginia to Washington state. They flipped the New Jersey governorship and Washington state senate […] Read more »

Northwest Voters Have Few Regrets After Legalizing Pot

Six months after Oregon voters legalized recreational marijuana, they say they’re still happy with their choice. … The numbers show voters haven’t experienced buyer’s remorse since the Oregon Liquor Control Commission began drafting its plans for implementing recreational pot in the state. … The poll shows a similar consistency among Washington voters, […] Read more »

Examining the Support for Same-Sex Marriage

Third Way, the centrist Democratic think thank, is about to release a report based on polling from Washington State, which was one of the three states, along with Maine and Maryland, where a majority of voters approved same-sex marriage in Election Day referendums. … [A]mong voters who saw the desire […] Read more »