Americans’ Satisfaction Steady or Up, Except on Race Matters

Americans’ satisfaction with both race relations and the situation for blacks and other racial minorities in the U.S. edged down from last year, the only two areas of the 28 Gallup measured to decline significantly over this period. … The biggest positive changes over the past year were increases in […] Read more »

How nostalgia for white Christian America drove so many Americans to vote for Trump

… A yearning for an earlier time, especially prevalent in rural American towns and cities like Mount Airy, helped spur white evangelical Christians to vote overwhelmingly for Donald Trump. For these voters, the desire for change also could be viewed as a desire to change back, to what they perceive […] Read more »

1990s Oregon campaigns anticipated Trump’s politics of division

Arlene Stein, Rutgers University The white working class surprised many pundits and social scientists by supporting Donald Trump, leading some to describe the election results as a “whitelash.” The fact that the president-elect successfully mobilized this population was far from inevitable. After all, a fair number of Trump supporters once […] Read more »

Better or Worse Since the 1950s? Trump and Clinton Supporters at Odds over the Past and Future of the Country

Two weeks before the presidential election, a new national survey finds that supporters of each presidential candidate view cultural changes in America since 1950 very differently. About seven in ten (72 percent) Donald Trump likely voters say American culture and way of life has changed for the worse since the […] Read more »

CBS News poll: Hispanics in America

According to a new CBS News poll, the outlook of Hispanic Americans on their lives, their family’s future, and their opportunities in the U.S., is markedly optimistic. And in what has been a bitterly-divisive election season, a majority of the American public thinks Hispanics have a positive influence on American […] Read more »

Where the Public Stands on Religious Liberty vs. Nondiscrimination

The U.S. public expresses a clear consensus on the contentious question of whether employers who have religious objections to contraception should be required to provide it in health insurance plans for their employees. Fully two-thirds of American adults say such businesses should be required to cover birth control as part […] Read more »

God Loves Donald Trump. Right?

… As of mid-August, a Pew survey found Trump beating Hillary Clinton 63-17 among white religious conservatives. Evangelical Christians may not approve of Trump, but they are among his strongest constituencies in this year’s campaign. The Christian right has found common ground with Trump’s less devout supporters on a wide […] Read more »

Trump’s good political timing: Younger Americans are shunning democracy

… Many of us in the media have portrayed Trump as a uniquely dangerous threat to democracy, an aspiring strongman with little regard for checks on executive power by other branches of government, the media or the Constitution. And many of us are shocked that Trump, through charisma alone, has […] Read more »