Survey of Millennials and ‘Gen Z’ Examines Beliefs on Gender, Race, Discrimination, and Political and Social Issues

A groundbreaking new survey from MTV and PRRI finds that young people age 15-24 believe social pressure to act masculine may be leading young men towards violent and sexually aggressive behavior. … The survey also found that seven in ten (70 percent) young Americans have personally seen or experienced discrimination […] Read more »

‘A spiritual battle:’ How Roy Moore tested white evangelical allegiance to the Republican Party

Roy Moore’s failed run for Alabama’s Senate seat tested white evangelicals’ allegiance to the Republican Party. Would they vote for a candidate who shares their conservative views on social issues even though he was accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women? Exit polls suggest they did just that, with 80 […] Read more »

Emerging GOP Divisions on President Trump Loom Over 2018 and 2020 Elections

The eighth annual American Values Survey from the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), released this morning at an event with The Brookings Institution, finds fractures in the Republican Party over the Trump Presidency. Approximately one in three Republicans surveyed (31 percent) say they would prefer the 2020 Republican nominee be […] Read more »

Poll Hub: The Realignment of America’s Political Parties

In a candid and enlightening interview with Ron Brownstein, CNN senior political analyst and Atlantic Media’s editorial director for strategic partnerships, Brownstein expounds upon the composition of the two main political parties in the United States and how the flux of the Democratic and Republican parties helped Donald Trump win […] Read more »

How Norms Change

… Understanding the psychology of changing norms starts from a simple insight: although we may wish to be perfectly rational and impartial, bias is an inescapable part of what it means to be human. … The question, therefore, isn’t “Do biases exist?” but, rather, “How much do we let them […] Read more »

Slim Majority Against Government Pushing Traditional Values

Given a choice, more Americans prefer that the government not advance any values (51%) than say it should “promote traditional values” (45%). This marks the third consecutive year that the public has favored government neutrality on advancing values. Before 2008, Americans consistently favored government promotion of traditional values. CONT. Megan […] Read more »