Bullying and internet safety are top health concerns for parents

Each year, the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health asks a national sample of adults to identify health topics that are a “big problem” for children and teens. … New for 2017, the Mott Poll asked poll respondents who are parents of children 0-18 years about their […] Read more »

U.S. Business Sectors Gain or Hold Steady in Public Esteem

Americans’ overall impressions of six major sectors of the U.S. economy grew significantly more positive this year. Farming and agriculture saw the biggest improvement, with 70% now viewing it positively, up 15 percentage points from 2016. Americans are also more positive about education, the computer, real estate and sports industries, […] Read more »

Americans Say ‘Yes’ to Spending More on VA, Infrastructure

Americans overwhelmingly agree with proposals made by presidential candidate Donald Trump and others to allow veterans to get healthcare from any provider that accepts Medicare, not just Department of Veterans Affairs medical facilities. Americans also support spending more federal money on the VA in general, and widely agree with the […] Read more »

Getting America to Rewrite the Rules of the Economy

… After hearing a candidate’s pointed message attacking trickle down economics and promising to level the playing field for the middle class and America, the disengaged get more engaged and voters get more supportive of that leader. But that campaign context understates the possible moment and opportunity. The public is […] Read more »

Americans Still View Airline Industry Positively

Americans continue to view the airline industry slightly more positively than negatively, despite the frequent news reports about increased airline fees, cramped seats and customer frustration. The industry’s current positive ratings are consistent with what Gallup has found since 2013 and with ratings before the economic downturn. From 2007 through […] Read more »

Views of Oil and Gas Industry Improving

Americans’ views of the oil and gas industry continue to improve, with 34% now saying they have a positive view of it. That is up 12 percentage points since 2012, and is one point lower than the 15-year high of 35% from 2003. Ratings have improved as the average price […] Read more »

The Problems of Success

Residents of Austin, Texas, one of the nation’s most economically dynamic communities, are optimistic about the region’s future growth—and uneasy about its implications, a new Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor Poll has found. Fully 3-in-5 residents of Austin and its surrounding area believe that the region’s economy will be stronger in […] Read more »