Poll Shows Republicans Less Committed to Trump in Defeat

Republican primary voters strongly backed Donald Trump for the presidential nomination, but the party is far less sure if it wants him to lead the GOP if he loses in November. When asked in the latest Bloomberg Politics poll who should be the face of the party nationally in the […] Read more »

Did Tim Kaine need to flip his position on the TPP to win Sanders’s supporters? Nope.

… It seems to be conventional wisdom that Bernie supporters are against the TPP, given the anti-TPP signs carried by some at last night’s Democratic convention and Sanders’s clear opposition to the trade deal. But what do the public opinion surveys show? Do Sanders’s supporters really dislike TPP — and […] Read more »

Tim Kaine Matches Mike Pence in Lackluster Initial Ratings

U.S. voters’ initial reaction to Hillary Clinton’s selection of Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as her running mate is similar to their muted response to Donald Trump’s selection of Mike Pence a week ago. Thirty-five percent say Kaine is an “excellent” or “pretty good” choice, nearly matching the 37% who said […] Read more »