Donald Trump and the Triumph of Climate-Change Denial

Denial of the broad scientific consensus that human activity is the primary cause of global warming could become a guiding principle of Donald Trump’s presidential administration. … Scientific reality does not seem to have escaped the distorting influence of political polarization in the United States. A paper published in Environment […] Read more »

Why Blue States Are the Real ‘Tea Party’

When the modern Tea Party movement coalesced in the early days of the Obama presidency, its allusion to the political grievances of the protesters in Boston Harbor a couple of hundred years earlier seemed plausible enough: Its members felt that their taxes were too high and their interests not adequately […] Read more »

The End Of A Republican Party

… Many have assumed that adherence to a certain conservative purity was the engine of the GOP, and given the party’s demographic homogeneity, this made sense. But re-evaluating recent history in light of Trump, and looking a bit closer at this year’s numbers, something else seems to be the primary […] Read more »

Donald Trump may be showing us the future of right-wing politics

Pundits and politicians have been shocked by the Trump phenomenon, startled that so many Americans could be so enthusiastic about his anti-democratic style proposals. But Trump is not that original. His actual proposals are in keeping with longstanding trends in U.S. history and society, with the rejection and nativism that […] Read more »

Ted Cruz’s Alamo?

… For local and national conservatives skeptical that Trump truly shares their beliefs, the final hours before Saturday’s traditionally pivotal South Carolina Republican primary feels something like the Alamo. All recognize that a Trump victory in this bellwether conservative state could provide him a clear pathway to the GOP nomination—despite […] Read more »