Numbers Hint at Why #MeToo Took Off: The Sheer Number Who Can Say Me Too

Accounts of sexual harassment and assault have toppled man after man in workplace after workplace as the #MeToo movement has taken hold, but quantifying its scope has often proved elusive or politically charged. … The largest continuing study available to date, the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey by […] Read more »

Donald Trump’s culture war is running into the gender gap

With his sharp words in recent days defending men accused of sexual harassment and spousal abuse, President Donald Trump launched another firebomb into the cultural chasm running through his presidency. This new debate could expose Republicans in 2018 to a more widespread backlash among women — and a more pointed […] Read more »

Will Women Lead the Democrats to Victory?

Many think the issue of sexual harassment — embodied in the #MeToo movement — will work to the advantage of Democrats in upcoming elections. A mid-December NBC News/Wall Street Journal Survey gave the party a three to one advantage over Republicans on the matter. But it is hardly guaranteed to […] Read more »

Survey of Millennials and ‘Gen Z’ Examines Beliefs on Gender, Race, Discrimination, and Political and Social Issues

A groundbreaking new survey from MTV and PRRI finds that young people age 15-24 believe social pressure to act masculine may be leading young men towards violent and sexually aggressive behavior. … The survey also found that seven in ten (70 percent) young Americans have personally seen or experienced discrimination […] Read more »

What Americans Think About Trump’s First Year

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called 2017 one of the most successful first years in presidential history — but what do Americans think? Gallup Senior Editor Lydia Saad reviews the year’s presidential approval ratings, as well as other measures of how Americans think the country is doing. Later, […] Read more »