Young Adults Increasingly Pessimistic about the Direction of the Country but Energized about Politics

A new GenForward survey released today shows that about 70 percent of African American, Asian American, and Latino/a young adults disapprove of Donald Trump’s first days in office while 55 percent of young whites say the same. More than 6 in 10 report he is doing badly in terms of […] Read more »

Fox News Poll: Voters want congressional investigations into Russia

Majorities of voters think Congress should investigate if Russia interfered with the election and allegations of coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia. That’s according to the latest Fox News Poll, taken amidst a new volley of allegations of ties between Trump and Russia, and wiretapping of Trump Tower. CONT. […] Read more »

Trump Shows How to Smother a Scandal: With a Bigger Story

The bar for scandal in the Trump administration keeps being raised. Every week brings potentially damaging developments that in other contexts could have generated weekslong controversies. With so many competing stories, however, they are frequently ignored or forgotten. As a result, even negative coverage can sometimes benefit President-elect Donald J. […] Read more »

In 2016’s Game of Musical Chairs, the Music Stopped at the Wrong Time for Clinton

… A tight election outcome might be said to have “100 fathers,” all of which may or may not have been decisive. … After the election, there have been several explanations offered for Trump’s surprising victory. These include Trump’s digital campaign efforts, the Clinton campaign’s neglect of the Rust Belt […] Read more »