Hillary Clinton’s Winning Numbers in South Carolina Suggest Sweep in South

After winning South Carolina’s Democratic primary eight years ago, Senator Barack Obama declared that “after four great contests, we have the most votes, the most delegates, and have the broadest coalition for change.” Tonight it is his former opponent, Hillary Clinton, who can now make the same claim. … The […] Read more »

South Carolina Democratic Primary Exit Poll Analysis

Today’s primary is the first to test the Democratic candidates’ popularity among a large number of black voters: Preliminary exit poll results indicate that blacks account for six in 10 South Carolina Democratic primary voters today, possibly on pace to break the state’s record, 55 percent in 2008 – more […] Read more »

How ‘Values Voters’ Became ‘Nostalgia Voters’

The South Carolina Republican primary results present long-time observers of white evangelical Protestants’ political behavior with a conundrum. How did Donald Trump—a twice-divorced, casino-owning New Yorker who curses during campaign speeches and is prone to church-related gaffes such as accidentally putting cash into the communion plate—win in this southern state […] Read more »

Two Saturday Surprises

Two surprising results came out of the Nevada Democratic caucuses and South Carolina Republican primary Saturday: in the former, Bernie Sanders’ showing among Hispanics; in the latter, Donald Trump’s performance among evangelicals. Each is worth a closer look. CONT. Gary Langer, ABC News Read more »

Donald Trump’s Curiously Strong Support Among Evangelicals

So far, evangelical voters in three states have weighed in on their preference in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. In both Iowa and New Hampshire, evangelical voters were less likely than non-evangelical voters to support Donald Trump — by 7 and 11 points, respectively. But South Carolina’s primary […] Read more »

Core Groups Hold Steady for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Donald J. Trump won the South Carolina Republican primary with a strong showing among his core supporters — men, moderate conservatives, those without college degrees and older voters. … Hillary Clinton patched together a winning coalition in the Nevada caucuses of women, older voters, African-Americans, college graduates and members of […] Read more »

What We Learned From Nevada and South Carolina

1) Hillary firewall holds; Bernie hits his ceiling Despite a last-minute surge of “Bern-mentum” and weakening support among Latinos, Hillary Clinton put up a strong showing at the Nevada caucuses on Saturday thanks in part to strong support from African-Americans and older voters. … 2) Trump wins big and is […] Read more »