Georgia race provides a wake-up call for both Democrats and Republicans

For all the money spent and the endless pre-election analysis about the meaning of it all, the special congressional election in Georgia’s 6th District produced a status quo result. … The outcome has been described as a wake-up call for Democrats, which it should be. The road to a congressional […] Read more »

Dueling Realities for Democrats: Big Gains but Large Obstacles in 2018

The Democrats fared far better in this spring’s special congressional elections than even the most optimistic Democrat might have guessed a few months ago. But in the end, they lost all four in Republican-held districts — including the hotly contested election in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District on Tuesday. This contradiction […] Read more »

Hillary Clinton’s Winning Numbers in South Carolina Suggest Sweep in South

After winning South Carolina’s Democratic primary eight years ago, Senator Barack Obama declared that “after four great contests, we have the most votes, the most delegates, and have the broadest coalition for change.” Tonight it is his former opponent, Hillary Clinton, who can now make the same claim. … The […] Read more »

South Carolina Democratic Primary Exit Poll Analysis

Today’s primary is the first to test the Democratic candidates’ popularity among a large number of black voters: Preliminary exit poll results indicate that blacks account for six in 10 South Carolina Democratic primary voters today, possibly on pace to break the state’s record, 55 percent in 2008 – more […] Read more »

Margin of Victory Will Matter as Clinton Counts on Black Voters in South Carolina

After three contests, Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders by the slimmest of margins in the Democratic primary, 51 to 50 in delegates. But she hasn’t yet tapped into what is probably her greatest strength: black voters. CONT. Nate Cohn, New York Times Read more »

How ‘Values Voters’ Became ‘Nostalgia Voters’

The South Carolina Republican primary results present long-time observers of white evangelical Protestants’ political behavior with a conundrum. How did Donald Trump—a twice-divorced, casino-owning New Yorker who curses during campaign speeches and is prone to church-related gaffes such as accidentally putting cash into the communion plate—win in this southern state […] Read more »