Trump Ahead in Florida, Illinois; Kasich Leads in Ohio

Donald Trump leads the Republican presidential field in the March 15 primary states of Florida and Illinois, while John Kasich holds the edge in his home state of Ohio, according to three new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist polls. On the Democratic side, meanwhile, Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders in all […] Read more »

Tuesday Primaries Changed Everything and Nothing at All

The results of Tuesday’s primary contests brought us some surprises – a Bernie win, a Rubio collapse and a Trump romp. But, it didn’t fundamentally alter the trajectory of this campaign. Hillary Clinton, barring some sort of epic collapse over the next few weeks, is going to be the Democratic […] Read more »

Trump’s voters aren’t authoritarians, new research says. So what are they?

Watch out, the authoritarians are coming! That’s been the alarm, after recent reports that scoring high in authoritarianism was the strongest predictor that someone would support Donald Trump. … But in our research, we find no evidence that Trump supporters are any more “authoritarian” (at least by common measures) than […] Read more »

Trump’s Calling Cards Win the Day, While for Clinton … It’s Complicated

Donald Trump’s now-familiar calling cards won the day for him in Michigan and Mississippi, but with some results that marked his continued challenges trying to morph from a plurality candidate into one who can command a majority in his party. Hillary Clinton, for her part, swept through Mississippi but stumbled […] Read more »