The Ross Perot Myth

George H.W. Bush only lost his re-election bid in 1992 because a peculiar independent candidate from Texas, Ross Perot, drew more voters away from Bush than from Democratic candidate Bill Clinton. It’s one of the most enduring myths in U.S. presidential election history. CONT. FiveThirtyEight See also: Vengeful billionaire sinks President’s […] Read more »

Americans Really Dislike Trump, Clinton. So Why Aren’t Third Parties Doing Better?

So many things about this election are unprecedented — and one of the most obvious is how much voters dislike the candidates. By now, everyone knows that this year features the two most unpopular presumptive major-party candidates on record. But in some ways, Americans’ dislike of the presidential candidates isn’t […] Read more »

2016 Hillary vs. 1992 Bill: How does their polling compare?

As Bill Clinton navigated his way around table corners and selfie-snapping voters at a café in New Mexico this week, he ran into a reporter who asked a question being pondered by pundits: How can Hillary Clinton boost her general election poll numbers against Donald Trump — who already appears […] Read more »

The Trump and the Restless

I promised myself I wouldn’t blog about Donald Trump. But Ron Fournier’s piece about Trump’s candidacy calls for a facts-infused response. Fournier claims that Trump’s candidacy signals “restlessness” in the electorate, specifically among protest voters. There are three main problems with this analysis: lack of specific data about citizens’ actual […] Read more »