First things first?

Starting at the bottom. That phrase, applied to the first days of the Trump presidency, could mean so many different things. Here’s where I’m going with it: Notwithstanding the confusing and contradictory claims that characterized President Trump’s campaign, he did make a few clear-cut promises to the American people. Now […] Read more »

Trump’s Positioning and Big-Picture Trends in US Public Opinion

Donald Trump’s inaugural address Friday gives us an important window into his presidential thinking, and how that thinking fits with American public opinion. He labeled the situation for Americans as “carnage” and detailed a ravaged America. But Gallup’s data show that Americans are actually pretty satisfied with their personal lives […] Read more »

Infrastructure Spending Deemed Most Important Trump Promise

Two-thirds of Americans (69%) say it is “very important” for President-elect Donald Trump to keep his campaign promise to enact major spending on infrastructure renewal. More than half say Trump’s promises to reduce income taxes for all Americans, establish tariffs on foreign imports and deport illegal immigrants convicted of crimes […] Read more »

No Towering Problem in US as Trump Takes Office

As Donald Trump becomes the 45th U.S. president, he faces a nation without one dominant, clear-cut problem. Between 8% and 11% of Americans, when asked to name the nation’s most important problem, mention a cluster of issues, including the economy, dissatisfaction with government, race relations, healthcare, unemployment and election reform. […] Read more »

On Eve of Inauguration, Americans Expect Nation’s Deep Political Divisions to Persist

Ahead of Donald Trump’s inauguration as the nation’s 45th president, the public sees a country deeply fractured along partisan lines. Fully 86% describe the country as more politically divided today than in the past, while just 12% say the country is no more divided. CONT. Pew Read more »