Is Trump Stronger Than He Seems?

New polls suggest that Donald J. Trump has the lowest approval and favorability ratings of any incoming president in the polling era — by a lot. Unsurprisingly, he is not buying it. He tweeted that the polls are “rigged” just like the “phony” pre-election polls that showed Hillary Clinton on […] Read more »

Barack Obama Won The White House, But Democrats Lost The Country. What Happened?

… In his eight years in office, Obama oversaw the rapid erosion of the Democratic Party’s political power in state legislatures, congressional districts and governor’s mansions. At the beginning of Obama’s term, Democrats controlled 59 percent of state legislatures, while now they control only 31 percent, the lowest percentage for […] Read more »

The Great Instigator

Donald Trump always seems most grounded in chaos. He thrives on contradicting his aides, surprising his allies, disparaging his opponents. He revels in the tempest. … But the unprecedented concern about Trump in polling since the election also signals he may be miscalculating how much turmoil most Americans will tolerate […] Read more »

On Eve of Inauguration, Americans Expect Nation’s Deep Political Divisions to Persist

Ahead of Donald Trump’s inauguration as the nation’s 45th president, the public sees a country deeply fractured along partisan lines. Fully 86% describe the country as more politically divided today than in the past, while just 12% say the country is no more divided. CONT. Pew Read more »

The End of the Beginning

Tomorrow marks the start of the brave new world of President Donald J. Trump. But today marks the end of the Obama-to-Trump transition. They, and we, survived the interregnum, more or less — and it was not guaranteed and is worth celebrating. CONT. Larry J. Sabato, Sabato’s Crystal Ball Read more »

How Will Obama Be Graded By History?

After eight years in office, Barack Obama will end his presidency on Friday. There has already been much talk of his accomplishments, failures and legacy, but it will take years or even decades for historians, political scientists, journalists and the American people to confidently assess his place among other American […] Read more »