What the Shutdown Says About the Future of the Democrats

Surprised that the Democrats stuck to their guns on the shutdown, even opening themselves up to the charge that they are “far more concerned with illegal immigrants” than with the military and border security, as President Trump put it in a Saturday morning tweet? Don’t be. It’s been coming for […] Read more »

Amid record low one-year approval, half question Trump’s mental stability

A year in the presidential spotlight hasn’t been kind to President Donald Trump: His approval rating is the lowest in modern polling for a president at this point, with deep deficits on policy and personal matters alike. Strikingly, the public divides evenly on whether or not he’s mentally stable. CONT. […] Read more »

Poll finds public optimistic about the economy, critical of Trump, split on issues

Americans have reached a split-screen assessment of the state of the country at the end of President Trump’s first year in office, expressing the most positive views about the economy in nearly two decades while giving Trump historically low approval, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News survey. This stark […] Read more »

Shutdown dynamics highlight the state of politics on Trump’s anniversary

The elements that produced this weekend’s government shutdown sum up the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency: a dealmaking chief executive who can’t make a deal; a divided Republican Party struggling to govern and in an uneasy relationship with the president; and a Democratic Party tethered to its anti-Trump progressive […] Read more »

The Government Shutdown Effect: Big In The Short Term, Small After That

The U.S. government partially shutdown today. The Senate couldn’t cobble together the necessary 60 votes to keep the government open. And the blame game has already begun: Republicans in Congress and the White House are trying to make “Schumer Shutdown” stick (after Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer), and Democrats are […] Read more »

A Problem for Republicans Fighting to Keep California House Seats: Trump

With California looming as a critical battleground in the Democratic campaign to capture Congress, vulnerable Republican House members here are now struggling under the weight of President Trump’s unpopularity and policies, which are widely viewed as damaging to this heavily Democratic state. … It has long been a tough climb […] Read more »

Shutdown? It Could Be Forgotten in a Trumpian Flash

In the fall of 2013, Republican hard-liners engineered a 16-day shutdown of the federal government, implausibly insisting that President Barack Obama acquiesce to their demand that the Affordable Care Act be stripped of all funding. The gambit failed miserably. The Republican Party’s already low standing in public opinion polls plunged […] Read more »