Roy Moore’s Alabama

… I have closely studied Winston County history and have long been proud of my ancestral ties. I wanted to explore whether traditional Republicanism could fully explain how the Old South’s most independent thinkers became Trump zombies willing now to send a plausibly accused pedophile to the Senate rather than […] Read more »

The populist challenge to liberal democracy

On November 29, William A. Galston delivered the fourteenth annual Seymour Martin Lipset Lecture on Democracy in the World. … In his remarks titled “The populist challenge to liberal democracy,” Galston examines sobering events of the past quarter century and the emergence of an internal threat—driven by populists—facing liberal democracy today. […] Read more »

Nick Clegg meets Richard Thaler: The UK’s former deputy PM and the Nobel prize winner discuss the EU, business and Trump

Richard Thaler was awarded the Nobel prize for economics in October, for work that has “built a bridge between the economic and psychological analyses of individual decision-making”. … Nick Clegg, meanwhile, is adapting to life outside Westminster. He was leader of the Liberal Democrats between 2007 and 2015, deputy prime minister […] Read more »

Trump veers past guardrails, feeling impervious to the uproar he causes

President Trump this week disseminated on social media three inflammatory and unverified anti-Muslim videos, took glee in the firing of a news anchor for sexual harassment allegations despite facing more than a dozen of his own accusers and used a ceremony honoring Navajo war heroes to malign a senator with […] Read more »

Race and Class and What Happened in 2016

… Simple explanations are rarely complete explanations, but when a candidate makes many more populist promises than is usual for a Republican, and then wins more working-class votes than is usual, the straightforward explanation — that the promises actually resonated with voters — probably contains a lot of truth. And […] Read more »