America’s chaotic, crazy, challenging, great, tumultuous, horrible, disappointing year

Would you say this was a good year for the United States? For decades, Americans’ sense of how their nation was doing was closely linked to the economy. Through Democratic and Republican presidencies, through divided and unified sessions of Congress, Americans were consistent. When they saw jobs and GDP growing, […] Read more »

After a year of slowly unfolding Russia news, America’s views on the issue have barely changed

President Trump’s strategy for rebuffing allegations that his campaign colluded with the Russian government last year is two-fold: Undermine the investigations, even as he claims — as he has done unwaveringly from Day One — that there is no collusion to be found. Polling, including a new poll from AP-NORC, […] Read more »

Focus Groups and the Culture of Consultation

Every day, all across America, small groups of strangers gather in nondescript rooms. Under the guidance of professional moderators, these strangers “focus” their feelings on paper plates, vodka advertisements, movie endings, and political sound bites. Microphones in the room record everything said for future review. … In her fascinating new […] Read more »

The Poll That Built a University

John Lahey arrived in Hamden, Connecticut, in 1987 with a mandate to grow a small college, Quinnipiac, into something much larger. Back then, the school, named for the Native American tribe that once inhabited the area, was a local commuter institution with just a few thousand students. But it had […] Read more »

Everything You Need To Know About Alabama’s Senate Election

Alabama’s long and strange special election for U.S. Senate comes to a close on Tuesday. Democrat Doug Jones and Republican Roy Moore face off in their bids to fill the seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions for the remainder of the term. Moore is the favorite, according to the […] Read more »

Pollsters, pundits say Alabama Senate race impossible to predict

The entire political world is watching Alabama’s Senate race, but what happens Tuesday is anybody’s guess. The highly unusual nature of the election, along with the difficulty faced by pollsters, has made the race murkier than a cypress swamp. Recent polls show Republican Roy Moore leading Democrat Doug Jones by […] Read more »