Is Trump Stronger Than He Seems?

New polls suggest that Donald J. Trump has the lowest approval and favorability ratings of any incoming president in the polling era — by a lot. Unsurprisingly, he is not buying it. He tweeted that the polls are “rigged” just like the “phony” pre-election polls that showed Hillary Clinton on […] Read more »

The Great Instigator

Donald Trump always seems most grounded in chaos. He thrives on contradicting his aides, surprising his allies, disparaging his opponents. He revels in the tempest. … But the unprecedented concern about Trump in polling since the election also signals he may be miscalculating how much turmoil most Americans will tolerate […] Read more »

Can You Trust Trump’s Approval Rating Polls?

For perhaps the first time since last November’s election, polls are making headlines again. Surveys from CNN, Gallup, ABC News and The Washington Post, NBC News and the Wall Street Journal and Quinnipiac University all have Donald Trump with net-negative numbers on handling his presidential transition and duties as president-elect. … […] Read more »

Political Pollsters Reflect On What Went Wrong In 2016

2016 was a year of failure for political polling in several Western democracies. France, Britain and the U.S. were all taken by surprise after polls underestimated the support for conservative presidential candidates and Brexit. Now, pollsters in all three countries are reflecting on what went wrong. All Things Considered, NPR Read more »