New polling shows a sharp increase in skepticism about Trump’s relationship to Russia

… Monmouth was in the field (that is, interviewing poll respondents) for a survey as news broke on Monday night that President Trump had revealed classified information in an Oval Office conversation with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. They’d started polling on Saturday night and continued the polling through Wednesday […] Read more »

Holding the base

An oft repeated talking point holds that Donald Trump’s supporters remain firm in backing the president. It’s neither as true, nor as electorally important, as it sounds. CONT. Mark Mellman (Mellman Group), The Hill Read more »

A 2016 Review: There’s Reason to Be Skeptical of a Comey Effect

On Friday, Oct. 28, James B. Comey, the F.B.I. director, sent a letter to Congress about new evidence in the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Politicians, analysts and journalists are still debating whether the letter cost Mrs. Clinton the presidency. It’s certainly possible. But I am not at all sure, […] Read more »

Trump’s Underwater Approval Ratings

President Donald Trump passed the 100-day mark in office last week. While the West Wing staff tried furiously to spin his executive pronouncements as a demonstration that he has kept his campaign promises, he can so far boast of zero legislative accomplishments of note. Worse, no prospective legislative victories are […] Read more »