What the GOP Doesn’t Understand About Its Own Voters

The Senate Republican health-care bill has been repeatedly crushed in a slow-motion collision between the party’s historic ideology and the interests of its modern electoral coalition. Yet congressional Republicans appear determined to plow right through the wreckage. … Both the House and Senate legislation seemed hatched in a time warp. In […] Read more »

Where Republicans Are Losing Ground

The gender gap is making a comeback. Doubts about Hillary Clinton among women—especially working-class whites—suppressed her advantage with female voters during the 2016 campaign over Donald Trump, despite the widespread concerns they expressed about his character and qualifications in polls. But without Clinton as a contrast, Trump’s support among women […] Read more »

Trump now wants to gamble his presidency and his party on the strength of his salesmanship

President Trump claims he wants to do with the Affordable Care Act what he’d done several times with his businesses: Let it fail and move on. … But health care is not like an Atlantic City casino. Its failure would have massive, hard-to-predict repercussions. And the negative effects of that […] Read more »