How Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won the New York primaries

Solid wins in the New York primaries by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump gave both of their campaigns much needed boosts. Trump beat his two rivals convincingly, with a broad support across a range of demographic groups of Republican primary voters. Clinton beat Bernie Sanders by combining strong support among […] Read more »

NY Exit Poll: Victories in the Empire State Put Front-runners Back on Track

Front-runners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both coasted to victory in Tuesday’s New York presidential primary, dealing a severe blow to challengers’ efforts to blunt their momentum toward winning their parties’ nominations. According to the NBC Exit Poll, both Clinton and Trump assembled their comfortable wins by maintaining their support […] Read more »

Trump, Clinton Score At-Home Wins, Yet Challenges Stay Evident for Both

Hillary Clinton’s resume, her position on gun policy, her support from women and New York Democrats’ racial and ethnic diversity all boosted her to victory in the state’s presidential primary, while Donald Trump’s home-state advantage gave him record margins overall and across a range of Republican voter groups. CONT. Gary […] Read more »