Democrats see backlash over Republicans’ tax bill as a key to winning in the suburbs

For decades, the battle lines in New England’s most politically conservative state were clear. Republicans ran on tax cuts. Democrats ran on targeted tax credits. Both parties kept New Hampshire free of a state income or sales tax, blurring some distinctions for suburban voters. Then came the Republican tax plan […] Read more »

Ticket-Splitters Could Be Key for Vulnerable GOP Senate Incumbents

Of all the campaign issues that incumbent Republican senators face in 2016, the most vexing may be Donald Trump. As their party’s presidential nominee sinks in the polls, Republican senators in battleground states must decide if they should align with him or hitch their fortunes to that rarest group of […] Read more »

9-State Battleground Poll: Trump’s Rustbelt play faltering

Donald Trump’s unpopularity, beliefs, values and leadership qualities are forging a new 2016 battleground for the election of the President and U.S. Senate. Trump and Clinton no longer face symmetric image problems. With 60 percent viewing Trump unfavorably and half of presidential year voters saying they will never vote for […] Read more »

Who Will Win the Nominations? Lessons From Iowa and New Hampshire

… Despite their small populations, tiny numbers of national convention delegates and racially homogeneous electorates, the national parties continue to allow Iowa and New Hampshire to exert an outsized influence on the selection of the presidential nominees by kicking off the primary and caucus season. Because they go first and […] Read more »