Democratic Norms Are Under Attack, and Not Just by Trump

Shortly after last year’s election, Andrew Reynolds made a startling assertion. The University of North Carolina political scientist, who had helped devise a formula for measuring the vitality of democracies, wrote a newspaper column claiming his state’s restrictions on voting and its unwillingness to follow established rules “means our state […] Read more »

Voter Trends in Battleground States That Helped Trump Win

Donald Trump’s stunning victory last night, despite the majority of pollsters predicting a Clinton win, has many voters wondering how he pulled it off. A look at four key states –- Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, and North Carolina –- highlights trends that helped trump clinch 278 electoral votes (and counting). CONT. […] Read more »

Undecided Voters Face Grim Choice as Divisive Presidency Looms

The most disliked pair of presidential candidates in modern American history are limping towards the finish line amid persistent negativity from voters, and the winning candidate’s reward for victory will almost certainly be a largely pessimistic reception from a mistrustful public. A focus group of undecided and recently decided voters […] Read more »