The Pelosi Factor

Last November, just a couple weeks after Donald Trump’s surprising victory and Democrats less-than-impressive showing in House races, Democrats re-elected Nancy Pelosi as their leader – a post she has held since 2003. … A number of Republicans, including Trump campaign manager (and now White House aide) Kellyanne Conway, reacted […] Read more »

Fox News Poll: 34% of voters favor GOP health care plan

Half of American voters agree with the Republican charge that ObamaCare will collapse if it’s left as is. At the same time, most give positive marks to their health insurance and over half oppose the GOP plan to replace the current health care law. … President Trump gets negative marks […] Read more »

In Trump Era, What Partisans Want From Their Congressional Leaders

As President Trump prepares for his address next week to a joint session of Congress, Republicans say they are more inclined to trust the president, rather than GOP congressional leaders, if the two sides disagree. For their part, Democrats are far more concerned that congressional Democrats will not do enough, […] Read more »

The End of the 114th Congress

The 114th Congress has finally ended. The most polarized Congress since the early 20th Century and one where almost all issues have been drawn into the first dimension [we will address dimensionality in a future post; the current period is unique in American history]. CONT. Voteview Read more »

Will 2016 Bring a Generational Shift in U.S. Leadership?

This year and next are likely to represent something of a watershed period in American politics. First, we have a “double open” presidential contest, with no incumbent running in either party. The absence of an incumbent creates a vacuum and an opportunity for change within a party—not only a strong […] Read more »

What’s the American political landscape looking like?

The dog days of summer are upon us, and, with it, an extended slowdown in politics — as Americans spend their time working on their tans rather than studying up on the latest fights in the nation’s capital. Things won’t pick up in earnest again until after Labor Day, when […] Read more »