How Trump Pushed Millennials Out of the Republican Party

… Even with the race’s late turmoil, Trump still faces long odds against overcoming Clinton’s lead in enough states to win. But Democrats can’t be entirely certain that Trump’s visceral connection with blue-collar, older, and non-urban whites won’t allow him to squeeze out a narrow victory. The problem for Republicans […] Read more »

Given the choice for a third party, no one bails as fast as Bernie Sanders supporters

When Quinnipiac University asked voters ages 18 to 34 who they prefer in the presidential race, Hillary Clinton was the runaway favorite. Not runaway in the sense of will-Donald-Trump-get-any-votes-from-millennials-at-all, but runaway in the sense that Clinton had a 21-point lead. In 2012, President Obama won 18- to 29-year-olds by 23 […] Read more »

Millennial Voters May Cost Hillary Clinton the Election

… Clinton struggled among Millennial voters in her 2008 primary campaign, her 2016 primary campaign, and in the 2016 general election. Against Donald Trump, Clinton has two big advantages—a policy agenda that polls show largely matches Millennials’ own preferences, and an opponent even more unpopular with them than with the […] Read more »