International Tensions Heightened, Say Many Americans

Despite a political environment fractured by partisan differences, there is consensus among Americans that tensions around the world are escalating. And, a great deal of agreement exists about the powers that pose the greatest threat to the national security of the United States. CONT. Marist Poll Read more »

51% back US strike on Syria but with concern about Russian relations

The slimmest majority of Americans in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll supports the Trump administration’s missile strike on Syria, with strongly partisan opinions, muted appetite for further action, little confidence it’ll achieve the desired effect – and majority concerns about the impact on U.S. relations with Russia. CONT. Gary […] Read more »

Will Trump Benefit From A ‘Rally Around The Flag’ Effect After The Syria Airstrike?

Most foreign policy entanglements do not result in a “rally around the flag” event — when a president’s popularity jumps because Americans rally behind their commander-in-chief. That’s according to a 2001 study by William Baker of the Arkansas School for Mathematics and Sciences and John Oneal of the University of […] Read more »

Americans hated the idea of strikes against Syria in 2013. But Trump’s could be different.

President Trump’s decision to launch missile strikes at a Syrian airfield in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack on civilians marks a major escalation in U.S. involvement in the country’s civil war — and is an action that Americans overwhelmingly opposed four years ago. But while it will take days […] Read more »

Trump Family Leave, Infrastructure Proposals Widely Popular

Americans are far more likely to agree than disagree with President Donald Trump’s proposals to require companies to provide family leave for parents of a newborn and to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure. A majority also agree with his proposal to significantly cut income taxes for the middle class and […] Read more »