The Effects of Probing in Survey Research

Probing is a common technique that researchers use in interviewer-administered surveys when respondents initially refuse to answer a question or say they “don’t know.” … However, some researchers have suggested that probing can lead to poor data quality because respondents may guess at an answer when they are asked a […] Read more »

Poll Hub: How the polls fared in the Virginia governor’s race

The pre-election polls in Virginia were wildly inconsistent. The disparate methodologies, specifically how samples were selected, muddied the narrative of the gubernatorial contest. As the Poll Hub team explains, the traditional method of conducting live interviews using a Random Digit Dial sampling method proved the most accurate in predicting this […] Read more »

How polling methodology affects Ralph Northam’s lead in the Virginia governor’s race

Final polls show Democrat Ralph Northam holding a slight edge over Republican Ed Gillespie before Tuesday’s election for governor of Virginia. But a lot of uncertainty remains, especially given the typically low turnout in off-year elections and recent poll misfires in Virginia. Polls significantly underestimated Republican candidates in the 2013 […] Read more »