Still Listening: The State of Telephone Surveys

Since the late 1980s, telephone surveys have been Gallup’s primary data collection method for surveying U.S. adults. The survey research field — and the way people communicate — has changed a lot since then. Today researchers have a wide range of methodological options available to them in addition to telephone […] Read more »

Is polling dead (or dying)?

On Wednesday, the best known polling organization in the world made a big change. Gallup announced that it would no longer be doing a daily presidential approval tracking poll. “Beginning in 2018, Gallup will start updating presidential job approval on a weekly basis, rather than on a daily basis,” wrote […] Read more »

What Are the Best Incentives for Web Surveys?

… Gallup and other leading survey researchers, some of whom are listed at the bottom of this article, have thoroughly investigated the use of prepaid and post-paid incentives in self-administered mail surveys, finding that relatively small prepaid incentives can significantly improve response rates in these surveys. But researchers know less […] Read more »

19 Things We Learned from the 2016 Election

We can all agree that the presidential election result was a shocker. According to news reports, even the Trump campaign team was stunned to come up a winner. So now seems like a good time to go over various theories floating around in political science and political reporting and see […] Read more »

Everything You Need To Know About Alabama’s Senate Election

Alabama’s long and strange special election for U.S. Senate comes to a close on Tuesday. Democrat Doug Jones and Republican Roy Moore face off in their bids to fill the seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions for the remainder of the term. Moore is the favorite, according to the […] Read more »

Pollsters, pundits say Alabama Senate race impossible to predict

The entire political world is watching Alabama’s Senate race, but what happens Tuesday is anybody’s guess. The highly unusual nature of the election, along with the difficulty faced by pollsters, has made the race murkier than a cypress swamp. Recent polls show Republican Roy Moore leading Democrat Doug Jones by […] Read more »